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ACROS Building, Fukuoka, Japan

Bordered by mountains on three sides and the Sea of Genkai to the north, Fukuoka is one of Japan’s 10 most populated cities. It is said to be the country’s oldest city due to its closeness to China and Korea. For centuries, Fukuoka has been a leading harbour city, with its Hakata Bay being Japan’s gateway to the Asian mainland. Today Fukuoka is the result of the union of two cities in 1889, when the seaport of Hakata and the previous castle town of Fukuoka were merged.

Fukuoka offers its visitors a diverse culture and a great variety of attractions. A major highlight is one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world (120 metres high), while Fukuoka Castle has been renovated and features ramparts and stone walls. Ohori Park is home to one of Fukuoka City’s chief art galleries, whereas the Marine Park Uminonakamichi comprises a petting zoo, an amusement park, a large marine aquarium, beaches, gardens and Fukuoka hotels.  

Furthermore, the city presents Japan’s fist Zen temple (Shofukuji) as well as various museums dedicated to displaying a wide range of artefacts from the region’s past. The city’s most popular attraction, however, is possibly its 150 plus open-air food stalls (yatai) which serve typical regional dishes. These are great places to mingle with the locals.

Fukuoka provides its guests with all types of lodgings appropriate for every budget and taste. Apart from luxury hotels, pensions, bed and breakfasts, hostels and the ubiquitous capsule hotels, you will find a number of modern three-star hotels on your Fukuoka map. The 13-storey Canal City Washington Hotel is located close to the city centre and to various shopping and entertainment districts and is a comfortable choice boasting two restaurants; a sophisticated Japanese dining place and a spacious Italian restaurant.

Fukuoka Airport receives dozens of flights from Tokyo each day, with the journey taking just under two hours. Just a five-minute ride by subway from Hakata Railway Station, Fukuoka Airport is the country’s most accessible airport. In addition, a hydrofoil operates between South Korea and Hakata.    

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