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Kyoto, Japan

There is a wide range of accommodation in Kyoto to suit all budgets. Choose from ryokan, guesthouses, youth hostels, temple lodgings and western style hotels.

Kyoto hotels can be found in all areas of the city with many situated around Kyoto station. They range from business hotels to luxury hotels such as the Granvia Kyoto Hotel.

If staying in a ryokan is on the to-do list, then a Kyoto ryokan should be the first choice. Kyoto is one of the few places where international tourists have the opportunity to stay in a traditional ryokan. Kyoto has many ryokan to choose from, from high-end establishments to the more moderate family owned ryokan .

For those on a tight budget, there are more guesthouses in Kyoto than Tokyo and youth hostels are available in more rural parts of the city.

Kyoto certainly is a must for any traveller to Japan. It is home to 1600 temples, 400 shrines, geisha and stunning Japanese gardens making it, arguably, the most beautiful city in Japan. It also offers great food, shopping and accommodation. With so many attractions in Kyoto, travellers will certainly need to grab a map of Kyoto and plan their itinerary.

Check out the great range of accommodation Kyoto has to offer.

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